About Us

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It all started with an ambitious chemist who came to the US with a love for travel. His degree in chemistry and his overall curious nature allowed him to learn about what type of materials were best for various bedding products (or so he says).

The story goes, he was staying at a hotel in a rural area of New Zealand when he took a great interest in the blanket that was on the bed.  Pulling the corners of the blanket he found the maker's details on the tag. Writing down the address and phone number; he set out and drove with his wife down to the factory and knocked on the door.


During the same trip, while driving along the beautiful New Zealand countryside roads, out of nowhere a sheep jumped right in front of the couple's car, causing a major accident and rendering their rental car inoperable.  He called the only phone number in New Zealand he had written down, the name of the manufacturer of that very special blanket he sought out.  Graciously, the man they had just met at the factory helped arrange their rescue, and they've been friends ever since. That was over 27 years ago.

Their relationship has grown and this is how, with a little courage and a bit of luck, Shannon & Scott emerged.